I am happy to discuss a commissioned piece if perhaps you have seen one of my previous pieces and know my style of work but desire an adaptation, specific colourway, or focus on a certain subject field. I use a range of printmaking techniques be it Etching, Drypoint, Linocut or Monoprint.

Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone if preferable to discuss subject matter, medium preferred, visual references, colours, size, timings (e.g. if this for a gift on a specific date!) –  plus any other information you can provide. I can then respond with a estimate or price – depending on how long I feel the commissioned work will take to complete and turnaround. We can also discuss shipping options or delivery/pick up timings.
A 50% deposit of the total is requried, if you wish to see any ‘in-creation’ image updates I will liaise with you regularly and can send visual updates via email if you wish in jpeg format. The finer points can be discussed one the commission is under way.
I look forward to undertaking your brief… 
Warmest wishes,
Beth Munro