The Shoebill Stork, also known as Whalehead (Balaeniceps Rex)

An unusual looking bird that definitely looks as if it’s from prehistoric times. This now vulnerable creature is located in the marshes of East Africa.
A very docile bird with a massive shoe-shaped bill (2-24 centimetres in length!). Although large, it’s not a threat it will just give you a hard stare. These fantastic, unique creatures are sadly declining in population. They can fly if they want to, however being 1.5m tall and weighing up to 7kg they are fairly formidable on the ground.

• Media: Reduction lino prints
• Variable Edition of 15 (2 other colourways)
•  Size: 25.5cm x 29.5cm
• Price: £180.00 (unframed)

See – Shoebill Stork – Burgundy & Pink
and Shoebill Stork – Green background